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A haunted house is coming to a Polygon-owned house in the suburbs

When Polygon founder Jeff Stearns bought a house in a suburb of Dallas, Texas, he was thrilled to see it listed as one of the “100 Most Beautiful Places in America” and “100 Best Homes in the World.”

The listing, which was posted last month, listed a house on the west side of Dallas with “Gene Wilder House” on the front.

“I got so excited, I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, this is going to be a real gem,'” Stearn said in a recent interview.

“It’s just one of those things that people have never seen before.”

A house on a Dallas property, where Gene Wilder is a household name, has been on the minds of many a home buyer since the 1990s.

Photo: Courtesy of Jeff Sterens, Polygon In the same post, Stears wrote that “the house in question is not only the most beautiful house in Dallas, but it is the only one that has ever been listed in the Top 100 Most Beautiful Houses in America.”

He added that the house is “not just one with a great history, but one that is now one of only a handful of houses on the planet with an open back door.”

The house is listed on the Texas Lottery Corporation’s website as a one-bedroom home with a garage.

It is one of four “ghost houses” that have been listed for sale in the state since 2010, and all have been owned by Stearnes.

“This house is not an anomaly, it is an industry-standard ghost house,” Stearne said.

“And in many cases it is one that people never even consider before they buy a house.”

Stearned said he was inspired to buy the house after his daughter found it on the internet.

“We looked it up and thought, this would be the perfect place for our family,” he said.

A lot of people in the neighborhood had also been looking at it, and one woman even contacted Steares about buying the house, he said, but he never received any response.

The house’s “secret” The house, which Stearons has described as “the coolest house I’ve ever seen,” has also been a subject of a lot of discussion.

Stearner said he bought it in 1994 for $300,000.

“One of the reasons I wanted it was because it was a very small house, so I wanted to have enough space to do everything in the house,” he told Polygon.

“That meant the attic and the basement and the living room and the kitchen.”

Stearsons daughter, who has since passed away, was the primary caretaker of the house.

“There were many things that she would do in that house, but I thought the house needed to be something a little bit more unusual,” he explained.

“The house itself was one of these things that nobody had ever seen before, but she always made sure that it was special.”

“I think people like that really know how to find a house that is unique, so the house was something that she wanted to put her daughter in,” he added.

“She wanted to be able to be like, ‘OK, I’m not going to have a dog here, but if you come down and give me your dog, I’ll take care of it.'”

“The attic and basement and living room” Stear’s house has a lot going for it.

The attic, with its fireplace, is one-third of the home’s floor, and the main living room has a large “G.W. Wilder” statue.

Stears told Polygon that the “ghost house” also has “an open back porch” and an “overhang with a waterfall,” among other things.

Sterened said that he and his wife, who also owns the house now, have had many requests to paint over the house’s many pictures.

“Every single house has one thing in it that it has been painted over,” he stated.

“So it was something really unique that we needed to paint, and we needed a home that was going to show it.”

Sterene said he did some research on the house before deciding to buy it.

“When I first saw the house I was really excited,” he recalled.

“My daughter loved it.

I was looking to buy a place in the suburb of Garland and we thought, why not buy this house?”

Stearners son also owns an “underground house” near the house on his property, and Stearson has purchased another underground house for his wife.

He said that the property is a “great example of a house with a good history” and that he has been approached by people who want to buy that house.

Stairns said that people in his area are aware of the ghost house, and he has received many emails asking about the house and its history.