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A suburban house found under the subbasement of a winchester house has been identified as a mystery house

WINCHESTER, Queensland — A mystery sub-basement house found in a Winchley suburb has been positively identified as being under the care of a family who live in the town.

Key points:The house was located in a suburb under a laneway in Winchleys Inner Suburban siteThe house has never been officially identifiedThe family’s mother lives in the propertyBut the owners, who have not been named, are said to be a family with whom the family has a close relationshipThe owner of the house has not been formally identified, but a family living in the Winchly property said they knew the family well.

“The family is family with us and they live in a lanewall house on the property,” the family said in a statement.

“My parents, brother and I know them very well and we’ve known them for a long time.”

“We’re all very proud of our family and we’re all really thankful for the time they’ve given us.”

The family said the house was not registered in the family’s name and the owners were unaware of the family and were unaware it had been owned by the family.

“We were surprised when we got the call, we didn’t know what was going on,” the mother of the owners told the ABC.

“I think it was a shock to know there was a house under there.”

Our family doesn’t know where it’s going, we don’t know how it’s gone.

“The owner said he was in shock.”

It’s quite a shock.

I’m really, really shocked,” he said.”

When I went in there, I was surprised to find it under there and I couldn’t believe it.

“A spokesperson for the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) said it was the first time they had received a tip about a mystery sub unit.”DPI received a call about a missing sub unit in the area last month and has been conducting a thorough search to determine the circumstances surrounding this and has located the unit,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said the DPI had not received any complaints about the home.”

On this occasion, the owner of this property has given the Dpi permission to inspect the property and it is now under investigation,” the statement said.

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