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Celebrities are making movies on Netflix: ‘I’m really excited to make a movie’

The first of a planned three films by the “Hollyweed” actress, as well as a music video, will be made for a film about the rise and fall of the band Hollyweed, according to Variety.

The film will star Halle Berry, Emily Ratajkowski, Emma Stone, Retta, and Katey Sagal, Variety reported.

It is the first time the actress will be in a film directed by Amy Pascal.

The first film, the 2018 “Love, Love, Love,” was directed by her longtime friend and collaborator Sam Mendes.

It earned a $75 million gross.

The third film is set to be titled “Love You Again,” and is being developed by Pascal’s production company, Pascal’s DreamWorks, and the production company is also developing a television show.

The show, which is expected to premiere in 2018, will focus on Berry’s life after her divorce from her husband, and on the relationship between her and Pascal.

The actress was last seen in October in a cameo in “The Secret Life of Pets,” which starred a young actress who starred in the hit Disney animated series “Moana.”