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Glass house in a glass house for sale in the Irish countryside

Glass houses for sale across Ireland have been on the market for less than a year and are selling for as much as €600,000.

It’s one of the most sought-after properties in the country, and one that has attracted attention due to the fact that it sits on a hilltop, with views of the sea and of the nearby White House.

The property is located in the small village of Lough Cusack on the western side of the county.

It has been owned by the Lough family for nearly 150 years, and has been used as a farmhouse, barn and cottage for generations.

Lough Cush said they were looking for a new home for the property, which has been sitting empty for more than five years.

“It’s a wonderful property.

It’s a fantastic place to live, it’s been for the past 15 years.

It is the perfect location,” he said.”

We are looking for something special and we need someone to put it in good condition.”

Lough said they had no previous experience with the property and would need a “good, experienced, experienced gardener” to get it back to the “proper state”.

“We have had some very good offers and the owner is very enthusiastic and very helpful,” he added.

“She’s the only one we’ve been in touch with, she is very interested and interested in doing something new with the house.

She’s really passionate about the house and is a very dedicated person.”

A new glass house in LoughCush said the house had been sitting vacant for almost five yearsThe property was previously owned by a neighbouring family.

Laughing the Irish off, the Lachlan Cusacks, the brothers who run the farmhouse said they thought the place was “incredible” and that they would be looking for someone to “fix it up”.

“I am so proud of this house.

It looks like a modern glass house, it is beautiful,” said Mr Cusacker.”

I can’t believe the house is in the Guinness Book of Records, I am very proud of it.

I don’t know what to think, but I think it is incredible.”

Mr Cusackers family said the family had been looking to buy the property for “many years”, but had never thought about a new project.

“When we first looked at the place we thought we would have to build it ourselves, we thought it would be a little bit out of the way,” he explained.

“But then it just fell into our lap.”

He said that it would not be a “complete” project, but said they would consider “building something else”.

“The house is one of those things that is quite special and it’s going to be a big project, that’s for sure,” he concluded.