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How to Build a Barbie House: The Official Guide to Making it as a Teen, Not an Adult

Welcome to the official guide to building your very own Barbie house!

I have built a couple of different versions of my own version of the house I’ve been working on.

One of my original versions had a living room with an upstairs and basement, which would be the main living space, and the other had a basement with an attic, which was the bedroom for my daughter.

The living room version is more of a simple, barebones version of a traditional Barbie house.

I don’t want to go into too much detail on what I did to make it work.

There were a few things I did: 1) I bought an 8-foot-long table with a drawer and a shelf for the bathroom and a desk for my kid to use.

2) I added some carpeting to the room to help it look nicer.

3) I took my Barbie dolls, including a few extra that I bought from Target and some of my other dolls, and placed them on top of each other.

4) I cut off the edges of the living room wall to make room for my little daughter’s bedroom.

5) I painted the floor, ceiling, and walls of the room pink and used a purple paint to decorate the room.

6) I used a black marker and marker pen to make a little wooden box to hold the dolls.

7) I drilled holes in the walls for the dolls, to make them easier to hide.

8) I glued a small hole in the ceiling and some doors in the living area to allow me to attach the dollhouses to the walls.

9) I trimmed the walls in a way that the house would look like it was built from scratch.

10) I filled the bottom of the kitchen with paint so it looked like a livingroom.

11) I covered the floor in some pink paint so that the dolls would be easier to spot.

12) I sanded the floor and wall in pink to help make the house look nicer and add to the decor.

13) I attached the dolls to the bottom shelves and placed the shelves into a wall so that they wouldn’t fall out of the wall.

14) I placed some doors and window sills on the walls so that my daughter could have her own little space in the house.

It’s also a great way to hide a Barbie doll if she wants.

15) I put a small wall of furniture inside the living space to hold my toys.

16) I built a small table and attached the table to the wall with a wooden plank.

17) I removed a few parts of the ceiling to create a small space to store my Barbie toys.

I also added a small window to make sure she would be able to see outside.

18) I hung some curtains around the living section to hide the Barbie dolls. 

19) I made a few holes on the top of the shelves so that Barbie dolls would not fall out.

20) I created a small wooden door so that she could easily access the Barbie doll room.