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How to create a hype house

Members of Peaking House will have the opportunity to meet up for a “Hype House Weekend” in Ireland.

This event will be organised by the PeakingHouse.ie social enterprise.

Members of PeekingHouse will have an opportunity to hang out and meet other members of the Peeking House social enterprise, which is a charity dedicated to helping people living in the Dublin and Cork area.

The event will take place on Thursday, October 16th, 2018 from 6pm at the PeakHouse in Dublin.

The social enterprise is working with Dublin City Council, Dublin Bus, Dublin City Libraries and the Mayo Health Authority to create an event that will be free to attend, and which will provide an opportunity for people living and working in the area to get together.

In a statement, the Peakehouse said it is committed to providing free events in Dublin and in Cork to make people feel welcome and welcomed.

The organisation said that “everyone” will have a chance to meet and get together, and that “people from all over the world” are invited to attend.

Members can join the Peaky House on Facebook at www.facebook.com/peakinghouse or follow the social enterprise on Twitter at @peakinghall.

More information about Peakinghouse can be found on its website.