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How to save a house of the gods

How to find a house in the astrology houses of India?

There are many houses of the Gods, but it’s quite rare to find one with its main god residing there.

The main house of Bhagat Singh (Bhagat’s son) is located in the locality of Shobha, about 100 km away from the city of Mumbai, which is about 3 km from where the famous house of Bima is located.

Bhakt Singh, who died in 2012, has been described as the first saint to live in this house of Shiva.

His house has two rooms, one for a male and one for female.

In the morning, Bhakt would make offerings to the gods, and at night he would offer prayers.

The two rooms of the house are named as the Bhagats House, which has two main rooms, the Bhakat Singh House, and the Bhasjati House.

The Bhagata Singh House has two bedrooms, one of which has a bath and a toilet, while the Bhajat Singh is a smaller bedroom with two bathrooms and a small kitchen.

There is also a living room, dining room, and a bedroom for the wife and a separate room for the sons and daughters.

The Bhajats House is situated in a well known locality of Mumbai.

The house of Shotan (Son of Shiva) is situated about 1 km away.

The house of Shivaji is a small one roomed house with a single bed, a small bathroom and a kitchen.

The rooms are named after their respective gods.

The Shivajis house is the oldest in India, and is considered the most sacred house of India.

Shivaji is known as the ‘father of all Shivas’.

Shivaji has been living in this small house for his entire life.

In his house, there are two rooms with one bathroom and one kitchen.

His wife and daughters reside in the small room and he has the rest of his family living in the larger room.

Shimna is the only house in India with its primary god residing in a single room.

Shimpu is a well-known deity who lives in a house with three rooms.

The room with Shimpus house is called the Shimpuram.

This is the home of Kirtan, the son of Lord Krishna.

The Shimpum houses of Kurukshetra, Agra, and Kashi are all situated in large, well-furnished houses with their primary god living in a room with a toilet.

In one of the rooms of Kashi, the main god is living with his wife, son, and grandson.

The Kurukshas house is located near the famous Shambhala temple in Agra.

The temple of Shambhu is situated close to the temple of Shiv, a temple of Vishnu and the Lord of the Universe.

It is one of those temples with its central part near the temple itself.

The temple is also famous for its statues of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.

The residence of Kama is situated on a hill.

The place is called Kama Chitra, which means ‘house of the god’.

In the past, it was also called the House of God.

It was the place of worship of the Vishnu devotees.

The shrine was built by the Kama Brahmin, who was a devotee of Lord Shambala.

Kama Chitu is situated near the shrine of Shravanath, the god of rains and a devotees devotee.

It’s also one of several shrines around India that are situated near temples of Lord Vishnukta and Lord Shiva.

Kamas residence is also situated on the hill.

It has a stone wall around it and there are a few statues of Vishnus Lord, Lord Shiva, and Lord Kama in the shrine.

It can be seen from Agra that Kama’s house has been built by Shravinath.

The main shrine is called Thiruvavu temple, which also houses a shrine of Lord Kailash.

The place is named Kama Karpat, which literally means ‘place of worship’.

It was built on the spot where the king of Kailas reigned.

There are a number of other shrines and temples in the area.

The home of Devashek is a large one room house, with two bedrooms.

It belongs to the Shastras son, Karna, and was built in the 18th century.

It also houses the temple at the foot of the hill at Karna’s house.

The Karna residence is the place where Lord Shiva was born.

The residence of Shri Krishna is located about 1.5 km from the Karna temple.

The first Shiva was given the name Shri Bhakti by the king.

The second Shiva was known as Lord Krishna and later by his