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How to tell the difference between a royal palace and a royal chicken house

The queen and her two sons are enjoying a holiday that has traditionally been reserved for the family and their relatives.

The Queen has just finished her official state visit to the United States and is headed back to the Netherlands to celebrate her 85th birthday.

She and her family have a special Christmas dinner planned with a large selection of traditional Christmas dishes.

For the royal family, Christmas is a chance to enjoy the fruits of a lifetime.

It is also a chance for them to be apart from their extended family for several days.

The royal family has not had the luxury of not having a lot of friends during the past few years, including Prince William, who spent several months in Switzerland during the winter holidays last year.

He had a short visit to France in March, when he attended the funeral of his father.

But it is possible to have a festive dinner with friends.

Christmas dinners typically are held in a private home.

If you have an invitation, you can get a dinner invitation by emailing the invitation to the Royal Household.

Then you can schedule your special dinner for a specific day at the palace.

Dinner parties are typically held at the King’s residence, where the royal household lives.

Once in the Netherlands, guests can dine at royal restaurants such as the Meuwel, one of the country’s most famous and expensive restaurants.

To get a menu, the royal house will ask you to send them a photograph of a menu and some photos of the menu.

You can then select which dishes you want.

After dinner, the guests will walk the streets, which are usually lined with shops and restaurants.

The royal family will then walk to the royal chicken houses for a dinner in which they will eat traditional dishes and drink a glass of wine.

When the royal couple is in the royal palace, the people who are there to celebrate Christmas are the royal members of the royal royal family.

They also do not usually attend family gatherings, although the royal and the royal children have been seen at the annual state dinner at Buckingham Palace on Christmas Day.

A royal family Christmas dinner is typically a family affair, as the royal families members go to a few special places to spend time.

Although there are not many official state dinners, the queen and the sons often visit the country to visit local communities.

As the family has grown in power, the king has become more influential.

There is one other reason why the royal houses Christmas dinners are usually held in their own private homes: the Queen and the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry usually go to the country for holidays.

The Royal Family has a tradition of visiting their country on Christmas and other occasions.

During the royal Christmas dinner, family members and friends from the Royal Family will be joined by members of Parliament.

And there are some royal family members who also go to visit their country during Christmas.

In the United Kingdom, the Duchess and Prince George have visited the United Arab Emirates on Christmas Eve.

Prince Harry has also visited Morocco, where he met with King Mohammed VI.

The king has not yet met with any members of his family in person.

According to the official royal Christmas tradition, the King of Britain and the Queen of England and their children will have a private Christmas dinner at a special location.

Some members of Congress have asked the president to travel to the Middle East to meet with the family members.

Other members of congress, such as Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., have also expressed interest in meeting with the royal relatives.

Some members also have asked President Donald Trump to visit the U.S. to meet the royal siblings.

Last week, Trump tweeted that he had decided to meet “with the royals, and my family.”

The president’s trip to the U to meet family members has been delayed for a number of reasons.

Several members of Trump’s family are scheduled to leave the U for New York on Tuesday for the state dinner.