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‘Pancake House’ opens in California after winning ‘Best New Music’ award

The Beach House is back in California, and this time the music is good.

The music will premiere at the Oakland International Film Festival in October, with the festival taking the opportunity to showcase films from the festival.

The festival’s director, Chris Bohn, said, “We’re very excited to bring the Beach House back to the Bay Area, and we’re excited to be working with the Oakland Film Festival to bring these films to life.”

The Beach House, the first film produced by the film festival, was a 2015 documentary about the history of the Oakland Riots.

Bohn said, “(Oakland) is a city that is always on the cusp of new life, so to be able to bring this film to the festival is a very special opportunity.”

Oakland’s music scene has always been something that we’re very passionate about, and our goal was to make it happen.

“The film was made into a documentary by the Oakland Independent Filmmakers Center, which aims to provide support and opportunities for the film community.

The film will be shown in select cinemas in Oakland on October 15, 2019.

The film is a documentary on the history and legacy of the riots, which took place in Oakland during the summer of 2016.