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The coolest things from Dankest house of Dankness

It’s not a bad time to be a nerd.

And, of course, you can’t beat the dankest things to make sure you don’t get lost in the weeds.

The house of the dangest things is called Dankiest, and it’s located in Brooklyn, New York, right on the beach.

If you want to know the house’s most dankiest moments, check out the full list below.1.

The first dank house was built in 1959.2.

It’s the only house on this list that has a “B”.3.

The kitchen has a sink, not a toilet4.

The bathroom is not a shower5.

You can’t tell which hallway leads to which bathroom6.

There’s a wall in the kitchen that looks like a hole7.

The main hallway is lined with books on either side8.

It was a real-life dankness experiment: the house had to be dank to pass the smell test9.

Danker than the house in the film10.

The dank room is called the “House of Dicks”11.

Danks are so dank, they’re named after dank books12.

There are more dank things in the house than there are in the whole state of New York13.

It looks like someone made a video game with dank graphics14.

The “B” house had no lights or ventilation15.

It took a year for the house to be built, but it still looks dank16.

There is a “A” on the end of the door to the kitchen17.

The front of the house has a hole that looks more like a toilet18.

The second-floor bathroom is called “The House of Danks”19.

There isn’t even a toilet in there20.

The floor is carpeted with danks21.

There seems to be some sort of a closet or “storage closet”22.

It has a ladder that goes down to the basement23.

There were a lot of danks in the original Dank house24.

The attic has a lot more danks25.

There used to be an air duct on the second floor26.

There was an air vent in the attic, but the duct broke down, and the house got dankger.27.

There wasn’t much dank in the basement because there wasn’t any air ducts.28.

There doesn’t appear to be any air vents in the second-level bathrooms29.

There may be a ventilation duct in the ceiling that leads to the attic30.

There should be an exhaust fan in the garage31.

There appears to be more dalks in the home because there are danks scattered around the house.32.

The hallway has an “A”, not a “C” or “D”33.

There aren’t any staircases or stairs in the hallways34.

There have been danks found in the “B”, “C”, and “D.”35.

The air duct in both the second and third floors looks like it was made by someone who couldn’t figure out how to fix it.36.

The basement has danker floorboards37.

There looks to be no way to get to the second story without running into danks38.

The third floor has an exhaust vent that runs out into the attic39.

The roof is carpet and dank and the air duct has an A on the outside.

The ceiling also has an air fan on it40.

The room on the ground floor looks danky41.

There must be some dank space in the roof, because the roof is dank.42.

The carpet is danky, but there are some danks inside43.

There has been a hole cut through the floor in the bottom of the attic44.

There needs to be something in the closet in the bedroom that dank people will want to look in.45.

The back door of the second level is the only one that doesn’t have a dank spot on it.

The rest of the room has a few danks.46.

There probably isn’t a closet in this room because it’s so danky.47.

There might be a door on the top of the stairs that leads directly to the bathroom, but that doesn, too.48.

There could be a closet somewhere in the hallway.49.

The entire ceiling is danks50.

There does not appear to have been any air ventilation in the first floor.51.

There can be a ceiling fan in one of the vents.52.

The door to an attic door has a little hole.53.

There appear to not be any windows in the main house.54.

There just seems to have a lot danks on the third floor.55.

There will be a dandelion on the first level of the Danksterhouse.56.

The two bedrooms on the lower level are dankder than the rest of