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The Huddle House Menu at Sydney Opera House

The Huddersfield Huddle house restaurant is set to close.

Photo: Mashable “We are disappointed to have decided to close the Huddle,” Huddle owner David Goulburn said.

“The Huddle is a unique place and one of the nicest places to have a lunch and a meal at Sydney’s Opera House.”

Mr Goulwell said the cafe had been the focus of many “love letters” from customers, but had been unable to find a buyer.

The cafe had had “over 100 people” in it since the establishment opened in 2012, and Mr Goulsford said it was “not a great business”.

“We’ve been running a small business for over 30 years, but we just haven’t been able to make the transition to the hospitality industry and we can’t afford to do that,” he said.

Mr Gollings told news.com.au the cafe would close its doors in late December.

“It’s not that we’re losing money but the business is definitely on the decline,” he told news-com.uk.

“I’m not sure if it will ever happen again.”

“It was a very positive experience and we were very happy to have had it as a part of the Hudd.”

It was an absolutely wonderful experience and a fantastic venue.

“If it can happen in the future I would absolutely love to see it happen.”