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‘This is my house’: Trump family unveils a new house in Washington

“This is our house,” Trump said at a press conference.

“This was our house before we got here.

And it’s still our house.

And we’re going to stay here.

It’s the only house we have.”

The new Trump-branded house in the Capitol complex will be a symbol of Trump’s campaign-trail victory.

The new house will be the first to feature the president’s name, according to a Trump Organization statement.

“It is a historic day for the Trump family, and we will continue to honor the values that this campaign was built upon,” Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said in a statement.

Trump has long been a fan of the White House, and he and his wife, Melania, moved to the White house from the White Plains, New York, area during the 2016 campaign.

The family’s new home will mark their fourth White House residence.

In 2016, Trump owned the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post Publishing Company, the Washington Free Beacon, and the Washington Examiner.