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Which is better: The Cape Cod House or the New Jersey house?

A cape cod mansion is one of the most expensive homes in the country, costing between $2.5 million and $3.3 million.

In New Jersey, it is considered one of America’s most luxurious homes, with its marble-and-steel ceilings, white-glazed walls, and marble floors.

And like the house in Cape Cod, the Cape Cod house has a large garden in the backyard.

The mansion is also one of several New Jersey properties that was sold for $20 million or more, making it one of New Jersey’s most expensive houses.

While the Cape is famous for its iconic seal, it’s not the only New Jersey property that is home to a cape cod.

One of the country’s top five most expensive coastal properties, for instance, is in the state of New York, a coastal town known for its seafood.

The Cape has also become a destination for celebrities.

In 2007, Mark Zuckerberg bought a home in the Cape for $18 million.

Mark Zuckerberg, pictured in 2014, purchased a $20.7 million Cape Cod mansion in New Jersey.

But there are other notable Cape Cod properties that are worth a look.

Here are some of the top five properties worth looking out for: Cape Cod Estate